No one ever said that sustaining a long-term relationship was easy. Sometimes being in a couple gets to a point where a compassionate therapist makes all the difference to reclaiming happiness. There are many reasons why couples seek therapy, from poor communication to lack of intimacy or trust, from sexual issues to parenting concerns, from affair recovery to guidance in a healthy break-up or divorce, from rediscovering romance after the kids grow up to learning how to support a partner with anxiety , depression , or trauma. There are also many kinds of couples: different ages, sexual orientations, religions, cultural backgrounds, and levels of commitment.

Beginning couples therapy can be an intimidating step. It can be scary to open up not only in front of a therapist, but in front of your partner.  When you’ve experienced not really having been heard, understood, or acknowledged by a partner, then a place to be secure when attempting to be honest is vital.  My office is a respectful, non-judgmental space where I encourage each partner to empathize with the other and to take responsibility for positive change in the relationship. After the frustration of being in an apathetic, stagnating, or hostile relationship, this will allow you to see that you and your partner have power to change the situation. In addition, couples therapy can be a path to a great deal of self-affirmation and couples’ healing and growth, side by side.

You may be concerned about the time commitment and financial investment that couples therapy represents. The pain of a struggling relationship is great. The number of sessions needed can vary from just a few to longer term, however, there are few investments you can make that are as worthwhile as one that truly strengthens your partnership.

Some couples worry that coming to therapy means that their relationship is doomed: quite the contrary! It only means that you are truly invested in making change. But if in the process you come to feel that it would be better to go separate ways, therapy will ease the transition. With two decades of experience counseling couples through a variety of difficulties, and more years than that through the joys and myriad challenges of my own marriage, I have a lot to offer.

Please call or mail me so that we can speak before we meet.