Boomers in Transition

With an unprecedented number of Americans now over the age of 65, and a world that looks very different from the one earlier generations faced as they aged, life as a Boomer brings a unique set of challenges. These range from career, financial, transitioning to retirement, shifting family configurations, caring for aging parents, navigating life as a single person after decades of marriage, or navigating unexpected new romantic relationships.

Some changes are exciting (travel, grandchildren, freedom from the worries of parenting, sexuality freed from concern about pregnancy), and some are scary and overwhelming (money, health concerns). Maybe with all of these changes, anxiety or depression has popped up for the first time, or maybe you are finally ready to do the work that it takes to make a change for the better. Maybe you are longing to rediscover passion, connection, and fun in a marriage that has become stagnant. It is a time of life when many people benefit from taking the time to explore themselves and their own shifting identities in a way they may never before have had the opportunity to do.

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