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In almost 25 years as a psychotherapist I have seen that every person has strengths that allow them to grow, heal, and transform. Therapy with me is a collaborative process in which I provide expertise, support, and practical feedback to aid you in developing your own ability to reach your goals. Together we will develop the tools you need to negotiate your way to a more fulfilling and happy life.

Many people are understandably nervous about speaking to a stranger about painful or sensitive matters. I am accepting and non-judgmental, getting joy from my relationships with my clients even as we face painful challenges together. Through careful listening and compassion I  create a relaxed but focused therapeutic environment. I also like to laugh with my clients: life isn’t all serious even in dark times, and humor has a lot of power to heal. I believe in communicating with you at the highest level and listening deeply, aiding your personal discovery as you recognize your inner strengths to find control, meaning, and satisfaction in your life.

I am an interactive and creative therapist, attentive to each client, couple, or family’s personality and unique strengths. Throughout therapy, you will maintain control over the process, although I may sometimes challenge you to stretch beyond what is comfortable or easy. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and the forces that have shaped your life, and you will find the strength to make needed changes in your life. As you arrive at your goals, we will identify strategies to help you maintain your gains even as difficult situations arrive in the future.